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Onlline Short Game Session tailored to your game. After purchasing your lesson, I will reach out to you in an email with a short questionnaire for you to fill out about your knowledge of the game and your technique. After submitting the questionnaire, you will send me a couple of swing videos to which I will respond with 3 instructional videos tailored to your game. The first will be about what I specifically look at in the short game and how a good technique is not the end goal, a good techniue is a tool for good performance. The second video will be an screen review of your golf technique. The third video will be a physical demonstration of what you should work on as well as detail on how you can practice effectively. After you are able to play or practice, we will schedule a 20 min call to talk abou your progress and the state of your game on the course. (If you purchase more than 1 lesson, the process will repeat for each lesson.) 

E. Smith Golf Short Game Lesson

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